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Hire, engage and retain the best and brightest

Finding top performers is hard. Even harder is engaging and retaining them long term, yet we know, that is where the return on your investment lies. Before you make one more bad hire or read another resignation letter, let’s talk. What Employment Resource does to enhance your corporate culture and people engagement will make a difference. We guarantee it.

How do we help?

We study you, your company and  your culture. We analyze your strategies and the current stakeholder responsible for making it happen. Then we begin:

We not only look at the technical capabilities of a hire, but how that hire will integrate into your current culture. Then we conduct a tough behavior-based interview to ensure success. Guaranteed.

Next, we measure your high potential and high performers. We engage them in activities that are thought-provoking, utilizing both their critical thinking and strategic thinking capabilities.

We assist in moving accountability to the individual employee. Through career-pathing, we work with your supervisors to conduct great performance reviews and goal setting that creates engagement, excitement and accountability.

We also assist your leadership team on gap analysis–do you have the players in the game on both offense and defense that can ensure the win? Out of this, you leave with a proactive talent strategy.

Retirement is hard. We will assist with knowledge transfer to ensure no institutional knowledge leaves without first being shared with others through our Succession Planning Process.

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