I’m So Grateful

It’s Sunday morning before church and it’s quiet in the house. No one up but my kitty, who demanded to be fed even though I was suppose to sleep in a bit.

As I sit here I have this enormous, overwhelming feeling of gratitude. God has blessed my life in so many ways. It’s not just the big things either.

I’m so grateful for friends. You know, the ones that support you in both the good times and bad. The ones who love the limo ride, but will ride the bus with you when the limo breaks down. I am so blessed to have many dear, dear friends. Last night they were there in force, cheering me on. What a gift friendship is.

My daughter. Katie is such an amazing kid, even as a teenager. She had a really big night last night, being Valentines Day and all, and I am so thrilled she trusted me enough to share the moments that make her heart flutter. How do you ever describe the love of a child? There simply are no words.

I ate some chocolate yesterday. I know…really, you’re grateful for that? Yes, because this is the time of year I hit fitness hard. I haven’t had good chocolate since January 1 and you know what….I am grateful! It tasted really good!

I’m grateful for the gifts God has given to me in the ability and willingness to just “go for it”. I know it may sound crazy, but I know that with His support I will try just about anything. Last night I sang in front of 250 people. No, this is not a new career launch, but simply a means to help others to make their goals. And while I would love a “do over” on the performance, I am thrilled I did it because so many don’t even try. That is a gift I thank God for everyday….I’ll always try.

I am grateful for opportunities realized. Lately we’ve had so many unbelievable opportunities come our way, especially in the business. If you read my article on letting God be CEO, I firmly believe these opportunities are because He is doing a really awesome job! Much better than I ever could!

The list could go on and on. Security, health, a warm place to live on a below zero day…so much. But you get the idea.

Take time to be quiet. Let the peace of that quiet make you remember that while all is not perfect, there is so much to be grateful for.

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