Monthly Archives: March 2015

When Your Mirror Becomes a Window

Henry David Thoreau once said “Maturity is when all your mirrors turn into windows”. Because my whole career has been spent interacting with all types of different personalities, I have grown to appreciate this observation. My own awareness has become keener as I myself mature and age. I have met people who live their lives […]

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The Experience of a Christian Winner

This past week we had a wonderful recognition awards banquet in Hawaii. Everything was beautiful and it was a very proud moment. Our team finished the year in the top ten, which is great considering how big the numbers continue to get. I must admit however, this year felt different for me. I have always […]

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I Quit – but do it gracefully

My mother always told me the grass isn’t always greener. But as a young professional I really liked the new shiny penny. It wasn’t until I was much older that I figured out it wasn’t about moving to a new job that made me happy, it was about finding my life’s vocation. I tried a […]

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