Life Is Like A 5000-Piece Puzzle

I know a lot of you who read my writings are just like me – you’re always reflecting on the reality of today and how to make life better each and every day. Over the past five years, mainly since my divorce, I have spent a great deal of time reinventing myself, with hopes it just keeps getting better.

In thinking about my own reinvention, it hit me that the past five years have been a lot like a 5000-piece puzzle. The first reinvention was easiest, like picking the pieces that form the frame around the puzzle. While sometimes it takes some maneuvering around, eventually you get a solid framework from which to begin the rest of the puzzle.

The next phase is a little more challenging. While you can follow the basic color outline, it takes some concentrated effort to find just the right fit. Life is like that too – while we understand the basic outline, finding just the right fit takes some time. I think that is true in our careers, love life, fitness; almost every aspect of whom we are. But much like that puzzle, we can and should celebrate small victories along the way. It also is wonderful when you start to see the formation of what it ultimately will look like.

Today I would say I am in the toughest part, the pieces that take extra work to find just the right fit. The easy lifting is somewhat complete and now life takes on the challenges of redefining, molding and shaping what you want to be when you finally grow up. I’m reflecting everyday on my last fifteen years or so of my career – I want to leave my mark, my legacy and I’m learning new things everyday about what the possibilities are. I’m still searching for that right someone, but have shared special moments with amazing people along the journey. Ultimately it’s my spiritual walk that continues to be the foundation that makes it all work.

So how is your puzzle going? Still working on your foundation, starting to create a pattern or feel like things are really taking shape?

No matter where you are, always remember this – it’s not about the end, it’s about the journey. And when needed or ready, you always can start another puzzle.