The Experience of a Christian Winner

This past week we had a wonderful recognition awards banquet in Hawaii. Everything was beautiful and it was a very proud moment. Our team finished the year in the top ten, which is great considering how big the numbers continue to get.

I must admit however, this year felt different for me. I have always been a competitive person, so the desire to win is truly in my DNA. Instead of my normal look around the stage to see who I could beat next year, a different sense came over me.

My spiritual journey continues to grow with each passing day. I truly am focused on trusting the plan of God and following it, even if sometimes I am perplexed. Since really working on this trust, the opportunities to grow and stretch have been amazing and endless. The competition remains, but it is to create a better me, not just to win.

This doesn’t change my DNA nor will I allow myself to become complacent. I now recognize these gifts were given to me by our Creator with the intent I would use them to my maximum potential and for the betterment of others. How disappointed He must be when we don’t recognize this.

Emmitt Smith was the conference keynote speaker and he spoke about during his playing days, his focus was preparation and perseverance. With God as our coach, it is obvious He seeks this same game plan. Be strong, understand sometimes you will fail, but you have His full support and be prepared to enjoy the benefits of a job well done.

I continue to grow and learn on this journey. Life is truly a gift and it can be exciting, rewarding and filled with joy and love, simply by asking.