There Truly is Grace from God

Grace from God – I absolutely know for me this is true. For months people have been watching my escapades on LinkedIn or Facebook and so many have commented on how happy I look. What they didn’t know that up until recently I was masking a true heartache.

You see, my reaction to something sad in my life has always been to drown myself in my work. During this process, I turned my business over to God, as I felt He had much better control than I and surely a clearer head.

It is only recently that I realized that through the many opportunities that have been unveiled by the Grace of God, I am truly happy. No more heartache.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not and never have been depressed. Mine was a good old fashioned love lost broken heart.

Life is filled with a series of peaks and valleys. We understand that obstacles either promote growth or can be the reason you stop growing. The great news in all of this is we get to choose which one it will be.

My life lately has had so many blessings. I’ve had opportunities unveil themselves that most people would never get the chance to try. Since making the decision to listen for His path, we’ve been recognized in the top ten in the country, featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, was inducted into Pinnacle Society, met an amazing Executive producer in Chris LaVoie and worked with him on a Docufilm on Talent Attraction, produced three great commercials for the company and last week was a “boss” on the upcoming reality show Top Recruiter. That’s just been since January.

That’s just business. My personal life has been pretty terrific as well. I’ve never had more fun with Katie – the best blessing of all.

Coincidence? You’d be hard pressed to convince me of this.

Opportunities and blessings are there for the asking and just because something doesn’t happen, what I’ve come to learn Is a greater opportunity will certainly unveil itself. We just need to be patient.

So do I tell you this to promote a faith based life? Yes, but it’s so much more than that. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, what you need to realize is life is a series of good and bad, happiness and sorrow, successes and defeats. But we’re here now and we have the opportunity to keep swinging.

We get one go around here on earth. I want it to be the most amazing journey and have been given Grace to make sure this can happen. It is my task to listen and appreciate it.