Our clients have assisted in the definition of our process over the past 24 years.  Through constant listening and refinement, Employment Resource Group, Inc has designed a search process that results not only in a successful hire, but also provides all the information necessary for seamless integration of the new hire into your business.  Our statistics are proven.

  • We fill every search we take. We run 1:1.06 – and the .06 are the few clients who had the perfect person walk through the door.   Most search firms run 1:8 – meaning for every eight searches they take, they fill one.
  • Our retention rate of hire after year two is 97%.
  • Our customized behavioral interviews are the key to our process. Each is designed for your business to ensure the candidate can successfully accomplish your goals – no matter how challenging.
  • Every short-list is reviewed by Sharon Hulce before you see it. Her experience ensures your time is spent only reviewing candidates who are a match for your needs.
  • Every search is customized, because no two companies or candidates are the same.
  • Values are a key driver in our choices. Values are driven into an organization from the top down – understanding yours makes all the difference in success.
  • We’re not perfect, but we won’t stop until its right. It’s why we absolutely guarantee our work.

Contact us for more information on the step-by-step approach we use to ensure success.