Community Focus Through Non-Profit Leadership


Empowering Employees

Employees want to feel motivated, empowered and significant.  Helping employees understand what they can do to help in this is critical.

Employment Resource Group can help you create a culture of empowered employees.  Our senior leaders work with each of your employees and their supervisors to review current positions within the organization and map out where the employee wants to be in the short term, in three-five years and what it is they desire in their ultimate position.  This service is called Career-pathing.

Together we map the way.  We chart what competencies, education and work performance needs to look like for each individual to be promoted.  Then the ownership is transferred to the employee – the path is clear… they just need to follow it.


Talent Strategy

You’ve spent days if not weeks working on your company’s strategic plan.  Do you have the team in place to execute on the plan?

A professional football coach is hired for two main tasks:

First they are to formulate the game book with winning plays.  Then they need to recruit skilled players who can execute to win.

Business is just like that.  Your strategic plan is your game book and making sure you have the right team to execute on your plan that can win is your key to success.

Employment Resource Group, Inc can help.  Our expertise is analyzing your play book, your strategy and putting together a talent strategy.


Succession Planning

You have been nothing short of amazing.  What a career.  What a legacy you leave behind.  But have you thought about how to retire?

You know the success of the company must go on.  With you there or not, it must go on.  You wouldn’t want anything less.

You are the institutional knowledge of this company.  Without you sharing this, you leave everything in jeopardy. But how to transfer this knowledge and to whom should this succession go to.  Let us help.

One Bad Apple


Speed To Hire

Passive Candidates

Embracing Baby Boomer-Millennial differences