It’s one challenge to find great people, a whole different challenge to keep them.  Pinnacle Talent, a division of ERG, specifically focuses on three areas for employee engagement and personal growth.

Talent Strategies

Untitled-2You spend weeks if not months working on business strategy.  Every good business plan should also include a talent plan – and this is where we help.

Our expertise is analyzing the play book, your strategy and conducting a stakeholder review to ensure you have the right players to win.  We’ll help you to see if you have gaps in your offense or defense.  We’ll help you keep and engage your top players and identify where you may need to recruit from outside.  Specifically we will:

  • Conduct a gap analysis of your strategic plan to put together a proactive hiring plan.
  • Innovation Summits – engaging high performers in strategy and high potential employees in critical thinking skills.

Employee Empowerment

Employees want to be a part of planning their careers.  They want to feel motivated, empowered and significant.

Employment Resource Group, Inc will help you create a culture where employees feel a shared ownership for their results.  We will work with your senior managers to develop career paths for individual employees both short and long term.  Together we will identify core competencies needed for promotion so expectations are transparent.  We’ll also make sure performance reviews are done extremely well and consistently.

Succession Planning

Over time in one’s career, institutional knowledge is critical for a company to exist.  But as retirement looms, how does this knowledge get transferred?

We will help you identify critical tasks the retiring teammate brings to the organization in order to build a plan.  If needed, we can assist in choosing the successor or just ensuring the plan is in place.

Retirement is looking out a window, not into a mirror.  It’s no longer about your reflection, but the opportunity for others.