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For over 20 years, Employment Resource Group (ERG) has been fueling the growth of businesses in Wisconsin and across the country. We believe that the cornerstone of any successful company is the right people, strategically placed at the right time. Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of excellence, for ourselves, our clients, and our candidates. We are more than just an executive search firm; we are partners in success, committed to finding and engaging top-tier talent that aligns with our clients' values and objectives. With a customized approach to each search and a placement retention rate of 97%, we are transforming companies one exceptional hire at a time.

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Award-Winning Search Firm

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Imagine a search firm that truly understands the impact, good or bad, a new hire can have on your company.

In today’s business climate, innovation, disruption, and transformation are gaining pace. Having the right talent is no longer an option, but a requirement to stay relevant.

But it’s more than hiring talented people. How people integrate into a company, how they deal with opportunities or challenges, and the way they tackle short- and long-term strategies are all critical to success.

This is where ERG makes a difference.

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What We Do

Finding People Who Matter • Building Relationships • Delivering Talent • Finding People Who Matter • Building Relationships • Delivering Talent • Finding People Who Matter • Building Relationships • Delivering Talent •

We listen. We build relationships. We deliver talent. At ERG we approach search from its foundation — in order for companies to grow they need great people. Great people need great cultures. Our job is to match the two, helping both the person and the company to understand collaborative success.

At ERG, our core business is helping you take care of your business: Building great teams and creating strategies to keep them.

What Our Clients Say

  • This is NOT your typical recruiting firm. They take the time to understand their candidates for the ultimate placement in the workforce. To be honest, I was set back by the amount of time they invested in myself and my career! The entire staff at ERG is driven by the same passion and goals, resulting in a top-notch profession and proven results.

    Nathan Nick
    Chief Operating Officer of ATCAM, LLC

  • From the first meeting, I liked Sharon. Not only did ERG deliver, but the talent I saw was some of the best I have seen in my career in high level positions for a private equity portfolio company.

    Kevin Stevick
    President / CEO of Pioneer Metal Finishing

  • Working with ERG and Sharon has helped Community First grow and prosper immensely. We have had a long partnership, and some of the very best hires that we have made at the credit union have been working with Sharon and her team.

    Catherine Tierney
    President & CEO of Community First Credit Union

  • Let’s be honest - anyone with Sharon’s and ERG’s knowledge, it’s just a real testament of people saying ‘That’s the go-to company’. When I sat back and thought about it, I knew that was the one I wanted on my team because you want the bullfighter and that’s what she is - she’s fantastic.

    Dave Voss
    President & CEO of Miron Construction

People, Passion
and Purpose

After 27+ years at the top of her game, our founder, Sharon Hulce, knows what motivates talented people who are at the peak of their careers. She understands that personal fulfillment is the key to unlocking their passion and purpose. That’s the premise of her bestselling book: A Well Done Professional Midlife Crisis — which continues to garner widespread attention.
Anyone who works with people can attest to witnessing when leaders or teammates become disengaged in their careers. They have lost the passion they once had, and they struggle to figure out how to get that energy and passion back in their work lives. Monday mornings become unbearable. We now have a practical book to change that.

Jack Canfield,
Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ series and author of The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

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