About us

About Us

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.


We are based
in Appleton, WI

Our Purpose

For the last two decades, we’ve grown our business from the ground up — by helping other businesses do exactly the same. And the key to all of this? Having the right people in place.

It takes time. ‘Great’ doesn’t happen overnight. But that’s what drives us: the pursuit of excellence. That applies to us, our clients, and our candidates.

What helps us, is having a clear line of sight into our clients’ goals. That’s why we form lasting partnerships. We’ve had the pleasure of watching many small organizations become large corporations — all through finding and engaging the right people.

Our Approach

We don’t like to think of ourselves as ‘process people’, but we do have our own formula for success — one that’s been perfected and refined over time.

So far so good. We fill our searches timely and our placement retention rate is 97% on all hires after two years with our client organizations.

  • Every search is customized — because no two companies or candidates are the same.
  • We focus on client values — understanding yours makes all the difference in our search success and who culturally will align.
  • Behavioral interviews are at the heart of our process — each is designed specifically for the individual client.
  • Candidates are provided with customized Position Profile pages that act as a "sizzle sheet" on your company's history, culture and the role.
  • Every shortlist is reviewed by our CEO, Sharon Hulce — and she only signs off when she’s convinced every candidate we refer could in fact be your next great hire.
  • We’re not perfect, but we’re 100% committed — we won’t stop until we achieve our client’s objectives. Yes, we absolutely guarantee our work.

What Our Clients Say

We can say a lot about why ERG is good — but our clients say it better than us.

  • The thing I really appreciate about Sharon is she is your champion. She is focused on getting to know you at all levels and really being your champion as the best candidate and why you are the best person that can do this job. She will stick up for the candidates and go to bat for them.

    Chad Hershner
    Director of Philanthropy at Ascension St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation

  • I feel the impact that Sharon and ERG have had at the place that I’ve been placed and where Sharon and her team have introduced me, is immeasurable. You can't put dollars and cents on things like fit, on things like culture and on things like training to culture and really making that fit between what is right for the person and how they live their life individually, and how they are asked to live their life in a business setting.

    Jeff Scheidt
    Vice President of Project Management at Innovative Construction Solutions, Inc.

In the

Giving back to our community


To date ERG has given over $6 Million in donated search fees back to our community!

Like our clients, at ERG we give back to the communities we serve.

That’s why we work with local non-profits pro bono. We find the talent they are looking to hire so in turn they can pay it forward and help those in need.


President & CEO  |  Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

Executive Director  |  Outagamie County Housing Authority

Executive Director  |  Homeless Connection/Pillars, Inc.

President & CEO  |   Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin

Director of Philanthropy  |  CASA of Brown County

Executive Director  |  Sauk County Development Corporation (SCDC)

President & CEO  |  United Way Fox Cities

Executive Director  |  Write On, Door County

Executive Director  |  Wisconsin Veterans Village

President & CEO  |  Curative Connections

Executive Director  |  Greater Green Bay Habitat for Humanity

Chief Financial Officer  |  CAP Services Inc.

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