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The easy answer is we are in the business of connecting people.  But there’s a lot more to it than just linking talent with opportunity.

Our commitment is to finding the right people for our trusted clients. We spend a lot of time inside your organization to understand who would be the perfect fit and how they will make an immediate impact on your strategic goals.

We also get to know our candidates. We learn about their goals and ambitions. And only when we see an ideal opportunity that fits their desires do we make the appropriate introductions.

Sometimes it’s easy. Other times, not so much. But we commit to deliver on our promises. We won’t stop until it’s done right. It’s an unrelenting pursuit that’s guaranteed.

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We are proud to represent the best and brightest in our industries.


The construction sector is big business and we’ve been a part of it for over 25 years. We’re nationwide in our practice and we’re experienced in sourcing top performers: project managers, superintendents, estimators, civil engineers, architects, business development, C-Suites and the list goes on.


Manufacturing oils the wheels of commerce, especially in the Midwest and opportunities abound for those looking for top roles in engineering, plant leadership, research and development, quality control, and operations.

Banking & Financial Services

At the center of all business is finance — and we love our customer focused clients in the credit union, banking, and financial services sector. We represent every department within these businesses and have a long tenured network of high performers.

Functional Leadership

Every organization needs outstanding leadership and we source them for every industry — Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Operations and Procurement. We excel in finding talent for these kinds of impactful positions.


Whether you read your local newspaper or check out the national headlines online, information is disseminated at a rapid pace through more channels than ever before. We help companies in the media industry fill vital roles on their sales and marketing teams, within their newsrooms, finance departments and everything in between!

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits are just like every for profit business: they also need great talent to raise their game. President/CEO, Executive Director, Development Officers and Program Development roles are in constant demand.

Pinnacle Talent

Keeping talented people, once you have them in place, takes planning. Luckily, Pinnacle Talent Strategies — ERG’s value-add service — excels where retention is concerned.

How? In three ways:

Pinnacle Talent Strategies
Even the best business plans need experienced people to make them real. Pinnacle makes sure our clients have the right talent in place: in the short, medium, and long term through thoughtful talent planning.
Employee Empowerment
Ensuring employees remain engaged means empowering them to grow and prosper. From Innovation Summits to creating career paths: draw on Pinnacle’s experience.
Succession Planning
Even the most dedicated employees eventually retire. But their expertise does not have to retire with them. The Pinnacle team ensures the right knowledge gets transferred on to your next right hire.

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