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I know plenty of people have read “A Day in the Life” articles or videos for interesting people like Steve Jobs, or at the very least have researched the daily habits of successful people.

It’s often hard to relate to these posts because we can’t see ourselves in comparison to the leader’s we deem wildly successful. Which is exact why I wanted to take down my day and see whether it compares or not.


My daughter Katie will tell you I’m crazy, but I tend to wake up around 4 a.m. so I have time to work out, have a cup of coffee and read my daily devotional before actually getting ready for work.

While I know 4 a.m. is early, giving myself time to feel good and grateful for the things I have is worth the time and quite frankly it’s also one of the few times I have to indulge in that type of thing.

I end up leaving for the office between 6:30-7 a.m., that way I can be there early enough to get everything together before my day of meetings, and as the boss lady, it’s good to get there first and set the example.


I spend the bulk of the day around people, whether that be talking on the phone or huddled in a meeting room. I’m very lucky to get to continuously meet and work with incredibly interesting people and colleagues.

I’m always very productive and moving around until about 3 p.m. Like many others, I hit a midday slump nearly everyday where I tend to either get tired or my brain just can’t focus for a bit. Instead of pressuring myself to drag on, I normally take time to give myself a short break for a snack, even if it’s only a couple minutes. It’s important to know when you need to take a break, that way you can be more productive later.

If it’s a Thursday, ERG comes together before the end of the day to do Office Olympics, or some team building activity. Things like laser tag, mini golf, Jeopardy and cookouts are frequent happenings in our office. Having a great company culture makes people more apt to rely on one another for help, trust each other and have the ability to give open and honest feedback, plus it’s fun!


At the end of the workday, I head home to spend time with Katie as long as she’s not away at school. We always eat dinner together, it’s one of the few moments I have to sit and chat with her for a while, whether we talk about our day or life as a whole, it’s really nice to be able to relax at the end of the day. I’m currently trying to savor those moments before college graduation where she will be off to live in an apartment in a city somewhere away from home.

Sometimes duty calls and I end up answering a call or two at home or doing paperwork in my home office. Work life doesn’t always pause when I’m at home, but if you work hard, you will also get to play hard.

Closing Notes:

Obviously, life changes and evolves day by day and no two days are truly the same for anyone, but there are still lots of tips and tricks on how to go about your day in order to be successful. What’s important is living the life you deem productive and balanced, even if you don’t see your choices portrayed in articles and blogs about the “successful lifestyle”.   Balance for me was ingrained from my farmer father. “Sharon, when the sun is shining, you need to make hay. There will be plenty of time to rest when the harvest season is done”. I agree.

Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day to save time and to avoid needing to make another decision. While this works for him, my style is far from his!  I enjoy clothing that makes me feel good and boosts my confidence. Different things can be important for different people, and diversity is what makes the world a much more interesting place!

My Dad also said, “you will make time for what’s important,” and he’s right. Allocating your time is key if you want to reach a balance of productivity and time with loved ones.  Success will be measured by your own standards.

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